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Discover a wide and constantly growing selection of first-class professional quality tools in the SCHILABCH online store. We are proud to have satisfied customers in more than 50 countries worldwide and yet still be regionally anchored.

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SCHILBACH online shop for violin maker tools is a trusted partner for all professionals in violin making, restoration and craftsmanship. Satisfied customers from around the world rely on the quality of our products and services. We are not only interested in treating violin making, retouching and restoration holistically at the highest master level, but we are also of the opinion that a scientific examination of the subject of instrument making and restoration is essential. This is important in order to be able to offer you, as a violin maker, holistic top quality in our online shop.

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Violin making meets design and product management

The SCHILBACH brand was designed from the synthesis of string instrument making and design & product management. Our goal is it, to bring the quality of working on the instrument to the highest level of perfection by developing new products.

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Signe d'excellence - Sign of excellence

SCHILBACH is dedicated to research in the field of optical analysis. In order to make this area more accessible, we decided to open our photo studio in cooperation with SCHILBACH DesignThinkingProcess for violin makers, bow makers, musicians and restorers.

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In the meantime we enjoy the worldwide trust of numerous satisfied violin and bow makers in 52 countries on 6 continents with our products and our online shop. So that you can continue to enjoy your work, we ask you to participate in the continuous improvement and tell us your opinion.

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In addition to our own developments for instrument making, we also test and sell professional tools and accessories of the highest quality from other manufacturers in our online shop.

This gives every violin maker the opportunity to buy high-quality tools online. In addition to professional tools for violin makers, we also offer restoration tools, hand tools and accessories, workshop machines, analysis tools and measuring tools in our online shop.

With our online shop upgrade we also changed our pricing system. All prices are now shown inclusive of the German vat. This means, For everyone outside the EU and our professional customers, prices will be adjusted at checkout (- 19%).

For our customers from the EU, the prices in the shopping cart are shown with the respective VAT of the country.

Our partner companies for tools and accessories

Violin making tools or guitar making tools such as retouching brushes, new building paintbrushes, pigments and tools such as files, chisels, planes, Japanese saws and glue or cyanolite adhesives for high-quality retouching, restoration or new construction can be found here in our webshop, such as analysis tools, measuring tools and Measuring magnifiers. Premium scissors, tweezers, pliers and drills complete our range of tools. We have recently started a select section for organic natural cosmetics, CBD oil, nutritional supplements from CBDVITAL and medicinal water cream from Aquatadeus.

In our online shop, we carry high-quality brands such as Vallorbe, Stubai, Veriats, 3M, Pechar, Lumatec, Friedr. Dick, Panecol, Picard, Awuko, Micro-Mesh, Martor, Scheppach, CBD-Vital, Hanftopia, Käfer, Moore & Wright, Peak, Cyanolit, Penloc, Fervi, Paul, Knipex, Vogel Germany, etc.

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