How can I pay with Bitcoin in the online shop?

To pay with Bitcoin in an online shop, you only need a so-called wallet with Bitcoin and the wallet receiving address of the online shop. Either at the broker or at the respective wallet programme you can enter the receiving address of the online shop and release the Bitcoin transaction.

What is Tether USDT (ETH)?

Tether USDT (ETH) is based on the Etherum blockchain and is a so-called stabelcoin. This coin is tied to the $ USD exchange rate. The use of Tether USDT (ETH) does not differ from using Bitcoin in online shops for payment.

What are hardware wallets?

Hardware wallets have established themselves as a convenient solution for dealing with cryptocurrencies. Hardware wallets combine the greatest possible security with convenience when managing cryptocurrencies. They offer this security because the "private key" (private security key) is built into the hardware and the user can also use the hardware wallet with insecure devices (computers such as smartphones).

This video is a tutorial about the Ledger Nano X hardware wallet, with helpful tips for newcomers and professionals.

Do I need a hardware wallet?

Basically, you don't need a hardware wallet to pay in an online shop or to store cryptocurrency. However, hardware wallets offer certain advantages over server-based "hot wallets" or brokers. There are numerous hardware wallets on the market. The hardware wallets differ mainly in their user-friendliness and the number of coins supported (Bitcoin, Tether USDT (ETH), etc.). The security concepts are similar for all hardware wallets. With the hardware wallet, transactions are manually cotrolled and then signed.

No hardware wallet actually stores coins. Instead, wallets store the private key that can be used to access the associated coins at any time. With hardware wallets, this private key is only stored on the device.

Bitcoin Chart from Blockchaincenter

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