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Premium Paintbrushes for retouching and new making online shop

Quality made in Germany

Our high-quality paintbrushes are custom-made products that meet our above-average performance requirements. The paintbrush hair is a premium selection. All our brushes were masterfully handmade in Germany. Depending on the requirements, we carry high-quality Kolinsky brushes, red sable brushes, but also synthetic hair brushes. Different shapes perform different tasks. The bulbous pointed brushes with the ruby ​​brush shape are suitable for setting spot pigments, fine strokes and as a brush for fine lines. Flat brushes in different flat brush sizes are suitable for flat paint and varnish application.

violin making paintbrush

Violin making paintbrush

Common natural hair brushes for new buildings have proven themselves, but also have some disadvantages. We at SCHILBACH have taken the violin maker paintbrushes to our "breasts" and rethought them from the ground up. The result is a brush for all violin varnishes, without hair loss and a long, fine stroke line thanks to good varnish absorption. A special feature is the brush shape developed by master violin maker Veit Jacob. Clear and precise edges are just as possible as smooth and streak-free gradients.

retouching paintbrush

Retouching paintbrushes

We have developed a complete nine-piece paintbrush retouching set for high-quality pigment retouching of stringed instruments. All brushes included, are in-house developments by SCHILBACH and perfectly tailored to the respective tasks. The very pointed and long-haired Kolinsky brush is the perfect choice for placing individual pigments, while the cat's tongue enables pointed, flowing and precise transitions, fine lines to wide areas. In this way, the brushstroke can be perfectly integrated into the original picture of the wood grain.

watercolor acrylic paintbrush

Watercolor & acrylic paintbrushes

Demanding artists also benefit from the high quality of our paintbrushes. The entire palette of the kollinsky-paintbrushes and red sable brushes are perfect for aquarelle watercolor painting thanks to the fine hair selection. The entire range of fine synthetic hair brushes, including the two Superior Blanc flat brushes, are the perfect choice for acrylic and oil painting. The two Rubens Kolinsky pocket paintbrushes are a welcome and beautiful all-rounder for traveling and painting on the go.


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The right brush hair makes all the difference to your brushes

In addition to retouching and re-painting violins, very fine brushes are particularly suitable for aquarell watercolor. The filbert and filbert point brushes are also suitable as watercolor flat brushes for watercolor drawings. The question of which brushes are suitable for watercolor does not arise, as one is always on the safe side with the high-quality Kollinsky brushes.

Synthetic fibre

The best fibre for brushes for fine overcoats in instrument retouching is probably the Toray synthetic fibre. The soft tip keeps the surface smooth and even. In addition, Toray fibres have a high paint absorption capacity and perfect elasticity.

Red marten

The red marten family comprises a large number of martens, including the Kolinsky red marten. However, due to their specificity, they are valued differently. Red marten hair is slightly darker and shorter than Kolinsky hair. It is very elastic with fine tips and is characterised by very good colour absorption and colour release. However, due to the many red sable varieties, there is a wide range of qualities. Thus, both very simple and very high-quality versions run under the designation red sable brush.


The Kolinsky red marten species is found in the area from the Urals to Amur, Korea, Manchuria, and partly in northern China. There are also great differences in the already high quality of the Kolinsky red marten hair. Both in the positioning on the body and the respective region in which it occurs. The species of Kuznetsk, Tobolsk, Barabinsk and Tomsk, all of which are native to Siberia, are considered the highest quality and most valuable. The hair of these Kolinsky species is particularly fine with long, finely formed tips and a bulbous curl above the hair root. This makes them particularly strong and elastic. The hair of this special selection is characterised by a high capacity to absorb and store colour. These outstanding properties, which cannot be achieved by any other fibre, enable a very well controlled colour release. Brushes with Kolinsky hair are always used when particularly precise work is required, such as in the retouching of instruments, paintings or professional watercolour painting.

Bristles / Natural bristles

The natural bristles are suitable for thinner paints, varnishes oils or as high quality glue brushes. With water-based paints, the bristles become softer and lose elasticity. For our use as glue brushes, this is also desirable, as it ensures a soft glue application. Basically, the darker the bristles, the more elastic they are.