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Your bow maker tools and accessories in premium quality for profesional bow makers

Advance violin bow making with high quality tools and the latest technology

In close cooperation with master bow makers, we would like to gradually put together a strong range of high-quality bow making tools. We test tools from in-house developments, developments by bow makers or tools from other manufacturers for you extensively before we add them to our online shop.

How everything started at SCHILBACH, the online shop

After many years of experience, we discovered in advance that conventional yarns often tear when tied, are too thick, so that the knots no longer fit in the boxes provided or that they loosen or relax by themselves over time. Quality at the highest level looks different. We started our research project "Requirements of knots on yarns".

The strong yarn LCT2 & LCT4: Standard for your re-hairing

With our first product, the LCT thread (LCT2 & LCT4), we were able to make a name for ourselves in violin bow making early on. For many, this strong yarn is no longer to be thought of in their re-hairings. The maximum knot strength with at the same time the minimum knot diameter without creeping properties are the most outstanding features of this yarn. This was created through our research project "Requirements of knots on yarns" in order to get a grip on the problem of the frequent tearing of small and strong knots in re-hairing of violin bows.

Elaborate bow frogs and adjust them with the Float

We have reissued this tool, which has almost been forgotten in bow making, completely redesigned it and made it a high-tech instrument. The Krätzer (Float) is specially designed for working out the dovetail shape of the slide in the violin frog or to prepare the bow side of bass frogs. The extremely fine-grained tool steel, which has been distortion-free black gas nitrided, guarantees a precise and durable tool. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can offer you, the bow maker & restorer, a practical, extremely high-quality and durable tool.