Large selection of organic natural cosmetics, CBD oil and dietary supplements

Quality products from Austria from CBD Vital, Hanftopia and Aquatadeus can help you make everyday life easier

All-natural hemp products and local superfood of the highest quality. Hemp has long been considered a high-quality food due to its versatile health-promoting effects and good tolerance. Well-being through the power of plants.

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CBD Vital is the original in high-quality health products made from hemp. Thanks to the special extraction process of CBD VITAL from Austria, highly concentrated, purely natural CBD oil in organic quality with the full spectrum of botanicals are created. This basis is used for the production of certified premium organic natural cosmetics for every skin type.

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The Aquatadeus medicinal water has been proven to help with neurodermatitis, psoriasis (psoriasis), eczema and foot and nail fungus.

Today the Aquatadeus water has been scientifically tested and officially recognized as medicinal water in Austria: and you can feel it.

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Hanftopia specializes in premium CBD products and works hand in hand with local hemp manufacturers and other farmers from Austria.

The diverse range of Hanftopia reflects their understanding of a healthy, sustainable and new lifestyle.

Violin makers also need to take care of their health

Nowhere do we spend more time than in our work. But it is precisely our own workplace that we very often neglect or not design as it would be right for our body. For this reason, we have decided to include high-quality health products such as organic natural cosmetics, CBD oils and dietary supplements from CBD Vital, Aquatadeus and Hanftopia in our online shop.


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Disclaimer and general information on medical topics:

The content presented here serves exclusively for neutral information and general further education and is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of diseases. They in no way replace professional advice from a doctor or pharmacist and may not be used as a basis for independent diagnosis and the beginning, modification or termination of a treatment of illnesses. Always consult your trusted doctor if you have any health questions or complaints! We and our authors assume no liability for any inconvenience or damage that may result from the use of the information or products presented here. The products and micronutrients are offered as dietary supplements, are in no way a substitute for any prescribed medication and must not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. None of the texts claim to be complete, nor can the topicality, correctness and balance of the information presented be guaranteed.

Tensions and Stress at the workspace

Tension, neck pain and the like are the consequences of prolonged, sedentary activities and too little movement. In addition, especially in violin making, one often struggles with dry skin and cracked hands. In addition, there are often signs of aging such as joint problems in the ankles, shoulders, elbows and knees or the hips, problems with painful veins and heavy legs or poorly healing wounds. Itchy and burning eyes due to aggressive dust (e.g. ebony), pollen allergy or dog & cat hair allergy are also part of the everyday problems of many violin makers. Stress and bowel problems are also a common burden.

CBD oil from CBD Vital

The CBD VITAL CBD full spectrum oils URSPRUNG Classic & Intense are made in Austria with organic hemp seed oil and natural CBD (cannabidiol) - a unique range of plant substances - without extraction, carefully and under strict quality controls. The premium hemp extracts contain the natural spectrum of plant substances and, like the full spectrum CBD oil, are made from organic hemp plants, which naturally have a low THC content, but are still rich in cannabidiol (CBD). For sleep support, CBD VITAL offers NIGHT & CBDVITAL sleep drops with melatonin and hemp in addition to the CBD origin.

Aquatadeus medicinal water

In contrast to thermal water, medicinal waters are rare and special and have an officially recognized medicinal effect. The Aquatadeus medicinal water is a purely natural product. Fresh from the Aquatadeus spring in Öblarn in Upper Styria. With its optimal pH value of 3.3, the high sulphate content (3,112 mg / l) and its unique and high concentration of the minerals magnesium, iron, manganese and zinc, the Aquatadeus medicinal water has a significant antimicrobial effect on bacteria and fungi and has been shown to relieve symptoms of inflammatory and infectious skin conditions.