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  • High-quality tools for professionals
  • Location Germany
  • Satisfied customers in 52 countries
  • Service: +49 (0) 8074 91 72 42 1
  • Worldwide DHL shipping
  • High-quality tools for professionals
  • Location Germany
  • Satisfied customers in 52 countries
  • Service: +49 (0) 8074 91 72 42 1

SCHILBACH Violin Making

Violin maker workshop and onlineshop

SCHILBACH is proud to be a trusted partner for all professionals in violin making and craftsmanship. Satisfied customers worldwide, from 49 countries and 6 continents, rely on the quality of our products and services.


Our products combine timeless elegance and modern functionality. Inspired by Bauhaus design, we offer tools that are both aesthetically pleasing and effective. At SCHILBACH, we believe in fairness, openness and the importance of cooperation. We value partnership with our customers and are open to their ideas and needs.

Our innovations are based on sound facts and are designed to meet the needs of violin making professionals, bow makers and professionals from other crafts. We promote creative solutions that drive progress in the industry. Friendliness comes first at SCHILBACH. Our dedicated team is always ready to help you with a smile and provide you with the best possible service. We understand the needs and requirements of our customers and are committed to providing high quality products that meet those needs. Our commitment to quality is reflected in everything we do.

At SCHILBACH we pride ourselves on providing quality instruments and tools for violin making professionals. We look forward to supporting you in your craft journey and providing you with the best tools and services. Welcome to the world of SCHILBACH!

The history of SCHILBACH

The SCHILBACH brand is based on profound development work over several years. At the beginning of 2006, the two brothers Benjamin Schilbach, at that time studying at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and Alexis Schilbach working as a violin maker and restorer in Berlin, developed the basic features of the SCHILBACH brand. In 2008, with the opening of the atelier for restoration and violin making in Morges / Switzerland, SCHILBACH and thus a specific face of the brand, went public for the first time.

A second aspect of the brand was realized in 2015. With the foundation of the studio for design and product management SCHILBACH DesignThinkingProcess in Harpfing in Bavaria, Germany, also under the motto “Sign of Excellence” and thus with the same demands on perfection and high quality. Here, products for violin making are developed and implemented in close cooperation with the studio and its specific specialist knowledge, with a sound scientific background.

One year later, the SCHILBACH online shop opened, where you can purchase products for violin makers. The dispatch and the support of the violin makers take place from Germany.

In 2017, SCHILBACH presented itself for the first time at the Mondomusica trade fair in Cremona. Today the brand is one of the reference projects in the strategic brand development of SCHILBACH DesignThinkingProcess.

Mondomusica violin making fair in Cremona

Since the SCHILBACH online store for violin makers was founded, we have been a regular stop for numerous violin, viola and cello makers, as well as bow makers and musicians at the Mondomusica, the trade fair for violin making in Cremona. Here we have the opportunity to personally exchange ideas with you, our customers.

In order to make the fair and the visit to our stand an entertaining and exciting pleasure, we try to lighten up our stand by entering into cooperations with other companies for Mondomusica in Cremona.

So in the end there is something for everyone.

2017 singles stand

2018 alpes-tonewood

2019 master luthier Hagen Weise

2020 Corona cancelled

2021 Master luthier Maria Sandner, Master luthier Hagen Weise, Master luthier Andrea Masurat

Atelier Petit & Schilbach Sàrl: Quality work for the highest demands

Our atelier SCHILBACH for violin making in Morges, Switzerland is the preferred destination for discerning professionals who value the highest quality and first-class advice. We are your expert for violin making and restoration at the highest master level. Our range includes the sale of the highest quality classical instruments and bows, fantastic new builds and first class rental instruments, as well as customised racks for the professional musician.

Alexis Schilbach Restauration of a Cello

Each challenge goes through a threefold problem-solving process that breaks down into an analysis, design development, and execution phase.

In the Restoration, special techniques that preserve the original material ensure the highest standards for the modern musician.

The core competence in retouching and coating is individually matched to the respective instrument in the analysis, the pigment processing, the composition, as well as the structure of the paint and the polishing technique.