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Large selection, high-quality CBD oil from Austria order online!

In addition to the high-quality hemp extract premium from CBDVITAL, you can now also find the CBD natural extracts as a CBD organic mouth spray. You can easily find a large selection of high-quality CBD oils from CBD-VITAL and HANFTOPIA with us. Both CBD hemp oil brands come from Austria and you can buy them in our online shop.

CBDVITAL a brand for the highest quality

CBDVITAL is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality organic premium CBD products and CBD-oils in Austria.

The focus is on the high-quality ingredient of the hemp plant, cannabidiol or better known as CBD. At CBDVITAL, the raw materials come exclusively from European hemp farmers in the best organic quality.


New CBD-oil manufacture process

The CBD-VITAL CBD full spectrum oils URSPRUNG Intense is obtained by means of a new process through careful pressing without extraction. This preserves the spectrum of plant substances and the valuable natural CBD (cannabidiol). Then the CBD oil URSPRUNG Intense is mixed with organic hemp seed oil. In contrast, there are the premium hemp extracts, which are obtained by means of conventional extraction. The CBD oils from CBDVITAL contain, in addition to the special CBD-oil manufacturing process, as well as full spectrum CBD oils, no THC due to the special cultivation of the organic hemp plant. They are nonetheless very rich in cannabidiol (CBD) and have a large spectrum of terpenes.


Hanftopia premium hemp from Austria

The still young company HANFTOPIA from Bregenz on Lake Constance fully focuses on quality hemp products of all kinds.

In addition to food, CBD flowers, clothing and building materials made from hemp, the main focus is also on high-quality CBD-oil.

HANFTOPIA works closely with regional hemp farmers.

CBD oil for the night and a good night's sleep

CBDVITAL offers the CBD Ursprung NIGHT with melatonin, folic acid, hemp oil & CBDVITAL sleep drops with hemp and melatonin, which was specially developed to help you sleep. According to CBDVITAL, melationin in combination with hemp oil has a positive effect on sleep and sleep behavior in the case of sleep problems.


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