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  • Worldwide DHL shipping
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  • Satisfied customers in 49 countries
  • Service: +49 (0) 8074 91 72 42 1

CYANOLIT 201 | 2g TT & 20g | very low-viscosity superglue

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The very low-viscosity superglue CYANOLIT 201 in 2g TT 20 g is a , highly capillary activ transparent superglue which which can crawls in tiny gaps.

CYANOLIT 201, the very low-viscosity superglue

Cyanolit201 is a highly transparent, very low-viscosity, fast-curing adhesive with excellent capillary action. This superglue is particularly suitable for small-area gluing and for applications in which the glue can only be applied after basic assembly due to production or construction.

CYANOLIT 201 in bow making

The very low-viscosity superglue CYANOLIT 201 is pefect for bow repair. especially for hair line cracks in the frog (ebony) or the stick (phernambuc).

With the Cyanolit® instant adhesive series, Panacol-Elosol offers an optimal product range in the area of ​​cyanoacrylates (ethyl-2-cyanoacrylate). Cyanolit® seconds adhesives are solvent-free reactive adhesives in the field of cyanoacrylates, which are formulated on the basis of esters of cyanoacrylic acid. They show very good adhesion to many materials and especially plastics.

  • Viscosity (mPas) 1-3 (Brookfield LVT, 25°C, Sp 2/60rpm)
  • Flash point (°C) >83 (PE-Norm 050)
  • Temperature resistance (°C) -80 - 80
  • Storage (°C) 0 - 10
  • Shelf life in the unopened original container at delivery min. 4.5 months max. 9 months


Curing takes place without the addition of heat, expensive pressure or additional activators. The classic one-component cyanoacrylates react with air moisture, which is absorbed as a moisture film on the material surfaces, in a few seconds.

The curing speed depends on the gap width and the level of air humidity. A small gap width and high air humidity accelerate the setting process.

Cyanolit®201 reaches high strengths after a short time. The material continues to harden 24 hours after bonding. The optimum media resistance is only achieved after this time. The table below describes the setting times on various substrates.

MaterialSetting time (sec.)Bond strength (MPa)PVC hard75,5*ABS125,4*PA 6.6204,3*PVC/Steel157,0*AI/ABS155,0*Neopren PVC50,5*Neopren/ABS200,5*

*Substrate breakage

Processing instructions

Surface preparation

The surfaces to be glued should be free of dust, oil, grease or other soiling in order to obtain an optimal and reproducible glue.

We recommend Panacol's IP® cleaner for cleaning. Substrates with low surface energy (e.g. polyethylene, polypropylene) must be pretreated in order to achieve sufficient adhesion.

Adhesive application

Our products are delivered ready to use. Depending on the packaging, they can be dosed by hand directly from the container or semi-automatically or fully automatically. In specific cases, please contact our application technology.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives react very quickly with air humidity (20% - 80%) or the moisture film on the materials. It is therefore advisable to wear gloves and safety glasses when handling large quantities. Cyanolite is applied in spots - one or more drops, depending on the size of the surface - to one of the parts to be joined. The second joint is fixed with light pressure, which spreads the adhesive into a thin film. Acidic surfaces prevent or delay the setting, while basic surfaces (pH> 7) accelerate the setting.

The application can be done directly from the tip of the dosing bottle, but also with dosing devices. Since the achievable strength depends on the application quantity, care must be taken to ensure even dosing.

Glue and parts to be joined must not be cold, they must be warmed to room temperature before processing.

For safety information, please refer to the safety data sheet / product data sheet


The product is free of heavy metals, PFOS and phthalates and is compliant with the EU Directive 2017/2102 / EU "RoHS III".

Our data sheets have been compiled based on current knowledge. The data given therein are for the information of the user only and do not describe any legally binding properties. We recommend checking our products to determine whether they meet the user's intended purpose.