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Laser green 520nm ✓ 10mW module with cross line

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Laser for the workplace - laser cross line to define the centre axis and positioning of the fingerboard

If you buy this laser green 520nm with a power of 10mW and cross line, it will greatly facilitate your work. With the laser module, which is focusable and waterproof, you can quickly set or mark the fingerboard precisely and straight, e.g. on a cello. With a historical and warped instrument, you can easily and quickly set the central axis thanks to the laser. Place the instrument on the analysis table, switch on the laser and align the instrument to the laser. The laser immediately shows you the centre line of your instrument throughout. Thanks to the laser cross line, you can quickly detect and measure how far, for example, the F-holes are offset in height, slanted or deviate from each other.

Buy Green Laser 520nm for better visibility for ceiling mounting

The green laser with a wavelength of 520nm stands out well on the instrument. Thanks to its durable and robust construction, the waterproof laser module with a milled aluminium housing is suitable for any application. The cooling fins on the laser module ensure good heat dissipation even during longer periods of use, thus preventing overheating and possible premature ageing of the module. So you don't have to buy a new laser again. The stable ceiling mount and the 5m long cable make it easy for you to mount the laser on the ceiling. The laser is focusable. So you can adjust the laser cross very finely.

Laser waterproof & focusable as ceiling mount

To mount the laser on the ceiling, you should first determine the exact position of your working area on the workbench. Then, with the help of a simple plumb bob, transfer the point to the ceiling. Now you can attach the sturdy ceiling mount to the ceiling using the screws and dowels provided and then mount the laser. Please note that the laser must be positioned slightly to the side of the ceiling mount and the laser must be on the transfer point. Once the laser is mounted on the ceiling, you only need to align the cross on your workbench and on the transmission point on it and finally focus the laser. The laser is switched on and off by plugging and unplugging the connector. We recommend buying a radio-controlled socket for this purpose. This inexpensive helper allows you to simply have the remote control on the workbench and switch the laser on or off as required.

Laser module parameters

  • 10mW Laser module
  • Laser colour green 520nm
  • Laser cross line wide angle
  • Focusable
  • Waterproof
  • Durable and robust
  • With cooling fins
  • Sturdy milled aluminium housing
  • Stable ceiling mount
  • 5m cable
  • With Euro plug