AWUKO KP16C sandpaper P 60 100 120 150 180 220 320 23x28 single/100pcs.

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The hand sandpaper for professionals from AWUKO

best sanding paper KP16C for dry use from Awuko, we tested was much better, than the sandpapers from Mirka or VSM.

The best dry sandpaper for violin making

SCHILBACH has extensively tested more than 50 different kinds of sandpaper to determine which is best for violin making and all kinds of wood. We found that KP16C from AWUKO was the best for dry use in our tests, and even better, than the sandpapers from Mirka or VSM.

These sandpapers with a size of 23x28 cm are for dry use. The backing made from flexible paper and latex, are perfect for sanding small gaps as well as large surfaces. The open pores prevent clogging.

KP16C is perfect used for use on all woods in violin making.

SCHILBACH carries the abrasive paper grits

  • P60
  • P100
  • P120
  • P150
  • P180
  • P220
  • P320

The sandpaper for dry application

  • Single sheets or 100 sheets(single/100pcs.)
  • Size 230mmx280mm
  • Backing: C-paper, latex
  • Boning: Resin with stearat
  • Grain: Aluminum oxid
  • Coating: Open
  • Suitability: all kind of wood, filling, plastic

Other sandpapers

For wet sanding we recommend the Wetordry from 3M in P320 to P1200.

For finer sanding we recommend the MICRO-MESH in P3200 to P12000.