Cassel brown (10g)

Cassel brown (10g)

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Kassler Brown is part of the Classic Retouching System Plus.

Kassler Brown, from a very dense, opaque soil. We have now included this in our collection giving you the opportunity to reconstruct the purfling. This soil, mixed with retouching lacquer, results in the "warm" black seen on the coloured purfling.

How to retouch

To restore a small imperfection in the dark purfling score the purlfing runner with the knife before starting. Mix the Kassler Brown on a small plate with retouching lacquer, the mixture will thicken. With a fine brush (Kollinsky brush size 3) place this mixture on the defect. Allow some time for drying, the Kassler Brown retouching lacquer mixture can then be flattened, and the outer edges of the defect can be clearly defined with a knife.



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