SCHILBACH Superior Blanc Violin (50)

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Superior Blanc has been developed with violin makers, especially for new instrument building. Hi-tech, not only in terms of fibre, this brush is tailor made in Germany and meets the highest standards in terms of hair length to volume for the specific requirements during the construction of new violins and violas. The tapered and split synthetic fibres promote very good varnish absorption and storage capacity, which enables a controlled and uniform application of oil varnish as well as spirit varnish.




‘Fluid work without interruptions’ is the most important thing for a top quality and we took this to heart by designing a new way of hair fixation, to prevent hair loss during use. Violin varnishes often react with metals and so in the development of this brush, we have completely eliminated metal parts and replaced the metal ferrule with a solvent-resistant plastic. Lacquer stains and streaks due to oxidation are a thing of the past. In addition, we use untreated hornbeam for the handle, to prevent changes in the violin or viola varnish.

The form "faded Jacob" developed by Veit Jacob is a novelty. This shape, with two different cut sides, makes clear, precise and clean edges possible, as well as a smooth, streak-free, brilliant coating surface result.

The classic straight-cut side of this brush allows a precise approach while the rounded side allows a smooth transition to the next brushstroke.



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