PECHAR Rasp flat hand-stitched 300/5&7 stainless steel

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These high-quality hand-hewn rasps are really something extraordinary. Extremely sharp and durable, thanks to the metal grip, they fit well in the hand. They are completely hand-made in Germany from stainless steel.

Many years of experience in the processing of tools from stainless steel guarantee a consistently high quality that convinces. Each individual tooth is hammered by hand with specially sharpened and hardened chisels, depending on grain size with variing force and with different hammers.

A gradual offsetting of the teeth, provides a clean and uniform rasp pattern in the application and the final result. The random tooth pattern that results from cutting rasp teeth by hand gives the user more control over the rasp. Instead of even teeth following the grain of the wood, random teeth overcome the wood. The rasps from PECHAR are a must have for every violin maker.


  • Type: flat stump grater
  • Cut: first page 5, second page 7
  • Chop type: Hand stroke
  • Dimensions: 300x25x4mm
  • Material: stainless steel rust resistant
  • Metal handle