B|BRAUN syringe 5ml & cannulas


B|BRAUN syringe 5ml & cannulas

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B|Braun Omnifix syringe easy motion

  • Ideal for precise dosing of small amounts
  • Super-transparent cylinder
  • Luer- connection
  • Safe piston stop
  • Easy to read & indelible highly contrasted graduation
  • Easy to fill to the maximum volume
  • Low syringe dead space
  • Easy and smooth-running natural rubber plunger stopper with double sealing ring
  • Syringe cylinder and plunger made from polypropylene
  • Made in Germany

A smooth plunger plug and a good readability ensure optimal usability. The syringe can be slowly pulled up and injected. A transparent syringe body ensures a good readability of the filled volume. Thanks to the practical plunger stopper, only very small quantities remain in the cannula after the injection. We recommend cleaning the syringe with alcohol before using it for the first time.

B|Braun 100 Sterican cannula

  • Transparent Luer-Lock polypropylene
  • Thin walled cannula
  • Cannula tube made from stainless chrome-nickel-steel with super smooth/sleek surface
  • Single sterile packed
  • Made in Germany


B|BRAUN 100 Sterican cannula 0,8 x 80mm

Ideal for the application of glue or dissolving of old glue. A length of 80mm makes it easy to work behind the fingerboard or neck.



B|BRAUN 100 Sterican cannula flat 0,8 x 22mm

Ideal for the precise, steady and even application of glue, distilled water, or alcohol. The flat point is especially made for this type of use.



B|BRAUN 100 Sterican cannula 0,4 x 12mm

This cannula with a diameter of 0,4mm is ideal for the easy application of glue in hair cracks.




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