Kevlar tail gut violine / cello (2m)


Kevlar tail gut violine / cello (2m)

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The extremely durable Kevlar tail gut from SCHILBACH has many advantages over conventional ones made from Dyneema, titanium or metal.

Especially in terms of design and elegance, the PES sheathed tail gut has a classic look and blends discreetly into the overall ensemble of the violin or cello. Our tail guts are stable in diameter, producing a nice clean look, even tensile-loaded at the edges of the violin or cello.

Kevlar is very light and at the same time withstands very high tensile forces.

It doesn’t stretch under string tension, or creep over time resulting in ultimate stability in use, which is essential for tail guts. Dyneema or metal will stretch under tensile forces after a while) This has been claimed to quicken the instrument’s response, tighten its feel under the bow, and increase its intensity. Its classic appearance blends discreetly into the overall ensemble of the violin or cello and its stable structure produces a clean silhouette, even while under tensile load.

Due to its vibration damping properties and the way Kevlar transmits vibrations, many players feel that it tends to make an instrument sound more open and full.

For an especially safe and beautiful knot, we recommend a figure 8 bend or a water knot. For the sake of simplicity, a fisherman’s knot can be placed. Especially when adjusting the length this type of knot is easier to handle.

To prevent fraying, we seal the ends of the tail gut. If you shorten the length, we recommend sealing the cut ends by welding with heat, or gluing with superglue.

The water knot

Begin the water knot by tying a loose overhand knot in the end of one rope. Then bring the end of the other rope over and under the first overhand knot, following the same path but in reverse.


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