SCHILBACH Rose Madder (2g) (Winsor & Newton)


SCHILBACH Rose Madder (2g) (Winsor & Newton)

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1 g = 14.81 €

Rose Madder

The original Winsor & Newton - Rose Madder is part of the Classic Retouching System Plus. W.E. Hill & Sons started using it as the standard for high quality retouching.

Thanks to extensive research, we were able to produce the original Rose Madder from Winsor & Newton in equal and consistent quality.

From the three basic pigments Rose Madder, Orange Madder and Prussian Blue, you can reach every colour nuance using a glass plate and glass runner, which are necessary for the retouching of a classic Italian string instruments.

How to retouch

  • Using a drop of alcohol from the pipette, rub the desired pigments with a glass pigment grinder on the glass plate to give as many colour nuances as possible.
  • Soak a paintbrush in alcohol and carefully extract the pigments in the desired colour spectrum from the glass plate, place these on the point of retouch. We recommend our high-quality Kolinsky brushes in size 3, due to its superior properties for this task.
  • In the second step, fix the pigments on the point of retouch using a brush stroke of retouching lacquer. If a spatial impression occurs, add Clear-Pigment to the retouching lacquer. For this work we recommend using our Filbert point brush, which was specially developed for this purpose. The specialist brush allows precise, and flat results to be achieved at the same time.



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