SCHILBACH Clear-Pigment (5g)

SCHILBACH Clear-Pigment (5g)

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1 g = 2.58 €

Clear-Pigment (5g)

The third dimension! For perfection in retouch and lacquer, in depth and surface


For a long time SCHIBACH has used the Clear-Pigment, making it possible to work in all dimensions while retouching and lacquering.

The super-transparent and extra fine Clear-Pigment fits between the coated color-pigments and gives the lacquer or retouch a deeper optical dimension. The entering light gets reflected and shines through the pigments from behind, bringing out a very special depth in the lacquer and the structure of the wood. Clear-Pigment is a chemically stable silica product.



  • Clear-Pigment makes the lacquer significantly more resistant to abrasion.
  • Retouch and lacquer with Clear-Pigment is perfect for polishing to a briliant surface.
  • Prevents sinking of the lacquer surface during the drying process.
  • Suitable for alcohol based lacquer or lacquer based on ethereal/essential or desiccant oil.
  • Clear-Pigment is completely transparent and will not alter the colour of the varnish in any way.
  • Suitable for clear and coloured lacquer and varnish.
  • Chemically stable
  • UV-stable

Handling recommendation

  • Ideally, Clear-Pigment can be mixed together with your normal lacquer using a brush, on a glass (or similar) surface. Mix in the Clear-Pigment directly before application until you achieve the desired consistency. [Put a bit Clear-Pigment on a glass plate. Besides next to it you give your lacquer or vanish. After you mix the Clear-Pigment with a paint brush in the lacquer or varnish. To less is always possible and if it is to much it will result in a crumbly consistency. If this starts to happen, add more lacquer to make it smooth again.]
  • Clear-pigment can also be added to the lacquer in a variety of ways to suit your own operating procedure.
  • For larger applications it is also possible to mix the Clear-Pigment directly into the lacquer can or jar. Mix the Clear-Pigment carefully into your lacquer while stirring constantly to avoid lumps. After a while Clear-Pigment will settling out like normal pigments. Therefore it is necessary to mix the lacquer again before using.
  • Please note: Clear-Pigment makes the varnish drier. Therefore it is useful to ensure there are enough soft resins and lacquer particles in the new mixture.
  • We do not recommend a mixing ratio due to the variety of ways lacquer and varnish can be prepared.



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