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Specwell Monocular M-830-S (8x30) 8X / 25X

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Specwell 8x30 Monokular M-830-S - The measuring microscope

Specwell Monocular M-830-S (8x30) with a magnification factor 8X (as a scope) 25X (as a microscope) with 0.1mm measuring scale.

Specwell for expertise and analysis

For expertise and analysis, excellent magnifying glasses and microscopes with precise measuring scales and no colour distortion are indispensable.
Violin chip repair places particularly high demands on the measuring instruments and require precise and distortion free instruments, similarly, fire stamps on bow bars and on musical instruments can also be compared with exact scales in the measuring tools. For this reason we have decide to incorporate
the monocularand measuring microscope from Specwell into our portfolio. This measuring instrument impresses with its pleasant and uncomplicated handling, as well as excellent processing and precision.

Magnification factor: 8X (as a scope) 25X (as a microscope)

In principle monoculars are field glasses with only one optical path. Due to the extraordinary quality of the lenses they are used preferably in combination with a close-up lens as a stand microscope without reversed image.

With the monoculars, objects can be observed at a working distance of 220 mm. When used at greater distances the field of view ranges from approx. 105 to 219 metres at a distance of 1,000 metres from the object.

These monocular is used, among other applications, as positioning aids in the industry. If the working distances without close-up lens are too great or the magnification not high enough, the close-up lens can be screwed into the monocular without acrylic base. This again allows fields of view, magnification factors and working distances to be achieved similar to microscopes.

Use of the monocular in combination with the close-up lens is not limited to technical applications. Due to the high light sensitivity, true image and magnification factors, this monocular is also preferred as vision aids. A high quality box with neck strap is included. This model has an internal scale with 0.1 and 0.005 mm divisions in the upper section and 0.2 mm divisions in the lower section of the reticle plate.


  • Focusable: Yes
  • Scale: Yes
  • Incrementation (top): 0.1 and 0.05 mm
  • Incrementation (bottom): 0.2 mm
  • Measuring length: 5 mm
  • Working distance (min.): 600 mm (monocular) | 66 mm (stand microscope)
  • Field of view, monocular: Distance 1000 metres = 149 metres | Distance 600 mm = 72 mm
  • Field of view close-up lens: 12 mm (stand microscope LS)
  • Dimensions: 130 x 42 mm (monocular) | 213 x 5 mm (stand microscope LS)
  • Weight: 170 grams (monocular) | 228 grams (stand microscope)
  • Leather case: included
  • Display: Image not reversed
  • Lens opening: 30 mm
  • Angle of vision: 8,5°
  • Relative brightness: 14
  • Pupil diameter: 3.75 mm
  • Brand Specwell
  • Made in Japan