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SCHILBACH double electric glue pot ✓ hot melting stove 300W ✓ two pots ➜ buy

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Electric glue pot double & two pots ✓ 300W ➜ buy online for your professional workshop

Large electric glue pot double with two removable pots for heating bone glue, warm glue and our LUT Universal and Restoration Extra glues simply buy online. Professional electric hot melting stove with 300W power and two independent adjustable glue pots for continuous use in larger workshops or violin making schools.

Hot melting stove with 2X removable glue pots

This high-quality double electric glue pot for your violin making workshop has two separate pots with handle and lid for easy handling. The power of 2x 150W (300W) guarantees a quick "bring to temperature" and short waiting times. Thanks to the two pots, you can heat two different glues at the same time and keep them at the respective ideal temperature. It also allows larger workshops and schools to handle glue more easily.

Stepless temperature thanks to 2 x controllers independently up to 80°C

This durable electric glue pot with its two cooking / warming areas is your perfect assistant in the workshop for uncomplicated and gentle heating of hot glues, primers and waxes in a water bath. The two control thermostats (temperature regulators) ensure a constant and suitable temperature.

Professional double electric glue pot for continuous use in large workshops

This large double electric glue pot is designed for professional continuous operation in your workshop and has proven itself.

Both the recesses, 2x glue pot and both lids have a non-stick coating. This allows you to easily remove glue residues and keep the glue pot clean. This is important for a consistently high glue quality during processing.

Large electric glue pot for easy heating of warm glue or glue in a water bath

In the pots of the electric glue pot, you can either prepare and heat warm glue, bone glue or hide glue directly or in a water bath with a suitable glue jar.

Thanks to the evenly circulating heating coils in both the base and the side walls, the pots are heated evenly from all sides. This means that a water bath is not absolutely necessary. For a more even temperature, however, we recommend heating the glue in a water bath. Especially with a smaller quantity of glue, a water bath is a prerequisite for a high gluing quality.

You can place the two removable pots with the warm and ready-to-use glue directly next to your object to be glued, which saves long distances and time and also keeps the glue at the right temperature during the gluing process in the glue pot.

Electric glue pot with high power - 300W (2 x 150W)

Due to the high power of 2 x 150W, this large double glue pot can also react quickly to a short-term temperature increase without lead time in both pots independently. This saves time in everyday use.

Since both hot areas can be controlled independently, they do not always have to be on. With the two toggle switches, you can switch one side on or off as required.

Thanks to good heat protection, the temperature development on the outside of the glue pot's housing is kept within limits.

Double electric glue cooker features

  • With two inner pots with plastic handle and lid
  • 2x removable pots
  • With non-stick coating - recess, pot, lid
  • Two independent temperature ranges possible
  • With 2x stepless temperature regulators
  • Temperature output 2X 0°C - 80°C
  • Cooker made of robust sheet metal housing
  • With low external temperature development
  • Glue cooker recesses diameter 10cm
  • Glue cooker recesses depth 7cm
  • Capacity max 2 x 0,5l
  • With one kip switch for each heating range
  • Colour white
  • Type: Glue cooker / Electric glue pot

Performance data electric glue pot

  • Power: 300W (2 x 150W)
  • Voltage: 110V/220V
  • Plug: Euro plug
  • Weight: 2,2kg
  • Packing size: 35 x 22 x 17.5 cm

Large glue pot double ✓ Electric glue pot with two pots ✓ 300W power, 2 temperature controls for professional continuous use warming glue ➜ Buy online now