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LUMATEC Superlite M 05 Set 01

LUMATEC Superlite M 05 Set 01

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LUMATEC Superlite M05 interchangeable head system in a set, battery pack, Lens UV 365nm lens and filter glasses.

Set 01 scope

  • SUPERLITE M 05 | Charging adapter and charger (mains + car)
  • Superlite M 05 Akkupack | Lithium-ion batteries not restricted as per PI966; For more information call: + 49-89-7428220
  • Lens UV (365nm)
  • Filter glasses | Transparent (UV protection)

Optimal light quality in the crucial spectra

Analysis and expertise of instruments requires a lot of knowledge, experience and a good eye. However, there are many things that are invisible under normal conditions. With the aid of a light source with an optimal light quality in the desired spectra, it is possible to read exactly where and how the varnish was retouched, what a former illegible branding means, or which pigments were used for retouching.

Whether you are on the road, looking at instruments in the run-up to an auction, carrying out a legal appraisal, at your customer’s house, or simply as an inexpensive alternative to the Superlite S 04 - your light source can be small and lightweight while remaining powerful and adjustable at the same time. The SUPERLITE M 05 from LUMATEC combines these characteristics in a new, radical way. It is up to 60% lighter than comparable devices of its performance class. Nevertheless, it assures with an outstanding light intensity.

The modern LED light source provides a particularly homogeneous light with its high-quality optical equipment. You'll notice the difference in the quality of your photos.

The flexible light source with interchangeable heads

The SUPERLITE M 05 is the only device in its performance class to feature interchangeable heads. With these convenient and inexpensive add-ons, you can choose among five different light spectra. What's more, the SUPERLITE M 05 offers three intensity levels, so you can adjust the light's intensity to suit the given requirements. We also offer various compatible light guides for special applications. Feel free to get in touch with us if you wish to learn more.

We'll be happy to tell you all about the many applications of the SUPERLITE M 05.


  • The most powerful specialty light source in its size class (power-to-weight ratio)
  • Smaller and lighter than comparable portable light sources
  • Uniform light for excellent imaging and vivid photographs
  • Robust features and design
  • The only light source in its class with interchangeable heads
  • All specialty light heads may be operated with just one battery pack
  • Wide range of applications
  • The perfect addition to the SUPERLITE S 04
  • Affordable alternative to SUPERLITE S 04
  • Optionally available light heads adapt light guides to diverse applications