SCHILBACH Working mats (70cm X 40cm)

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SCHILBACH Working mats (70cm X 40cm)

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Violin makers, bow makers and other stringed instrument makers need an excellent working mat which to fully supports them with their work.

The requirements of these are very high even if this goes unnoticed. The mat should be non-slip, splinters and chips should not easily get stuck, and at the same time it should be pleasant to touch to provide seamless support during daily use. Coating-free surfaces are necessary to rule out the possibility that solvent vapors and chemicals interfere with the varnish of the instruments and bows. A soft working mat allows comfortable working and is an optimal, secure, and scratch-free support for instruments and bows.

A positive overall picture is important for the customer, who entrusts his valuable instrument or his bow to the violin maker, bow maker, or restorer. The idea of ​​an appealing workplace was a guiding factor for us during the design and development of the work mat. The white surface emphasizes the color of the instrument or the bow and avoids an optical influence on the hue of the objects.

SCHILBACH's work mats are handmade at a tailoring studio in Germany.

Working mats

  • Dimensions: 70cm X 40cm X 3mm
  • Color: white
  • Finish: Nylon jersey fine
  • Total mat is untreated and free of oils or impregnating agents
  • Dampening material: neoprene 2mm
  • Soft knit hem: Nylon jersey fine
  • Anti-slip surface on the bottom
  • Fold-free roll out
  • Round corners against formation of "donkey ears"
  • Machine washable at 30 ° C























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