Traditional Engineers depplasert Rules 30cm & 15cm


Traditional Engineers depplasert Rules 30cm & 15cm

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It is especially important, for precise daily use that the lines of the scale run to the edge of the measuring tool, only in this way can the measurement be 100% accurately read.

On conventional metal rulers, the scales are printed, which has the drawback, especially at the edge area, that the scale can rub off and is no longer legible.

However, with this ruler, the 0.1mm deep lasered scale will not fade, and it has the added advantage that you can set the tips precisely and easily using the scale grooves when setting the radius of compasses.


  • Stainless spring steel
  • 0.1mm depth lasered
  • Durable and long-lasty
  • Precise reading thanks to abrasion-resistant and scratch-resistant scales lasered to the edge
  • Made in Germany for SCHILBACH



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