Analysis and expertise of instruments requires a lot of knowledge, experience and a good eye. However, there are many things that are invisible under normal conditions. With the aid of a light source with an optimal light quality in the desired spectra, it is possible to read exactly where and how the lacquer was retouched, what a former illegible branding means, or which pigments were used for retouching.

The LUMATEC SUPERLITE series, originally developed for forensic investigations, has been specially adapted to suit the needs of the violin makers and restorers. It combines high efficiency with the high quality and performance necessary for analysis and expertise of desired spectra. The dimmable, strong UV light ensures that traces are visible even in poorly darkened rooms. A small amount of white in the UV spectrum also increases the contrast. LUMATEC devices are quiet, portable and suitable for almost every application. Low energy consumption enables battery operation, and its low weight makes the SUPERLITE S 04 incredibly portable. You can connect many different optical fibres. Including a very slim and flexible endoscope light guide which is particularly suitable for the inspection or simply the illumination of poorly accessible sections such as the interior of instruments.

SCHILBACH is the only representative of LUMATEC products for instrument building and restoration. We support our customers with individual advice and support after the purchase.
If you have any questions regarding one of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to advise you.

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